9th Annual Royale Kentucky Derby Party w/ Sidney Street Shakers, The Thin Dimes w/ Madisen Ward & Mama Bear

9th Annual Royale Kentucky Derby Party w/ Sidney Street Shakers, The Thin Dimes w/ Madisen Ward & Mama Bear







Saturday May 3rd, 2014

Door 2pm, music starts at 2:30. Post time 5:24pm.

Ladies, procure your finest Derby hat and spring dresses. Gentlemen, get your seersucker suits pressed and your hats boxed. It is time to cheer on the ponies at the 9th Annual Royale Kentucky Derby Party on Saturday May 3rd. We have a hat contest for both the ladies and the gents. Proper Derby dress code will be enforced.

A full lineup of live music is on slate w/ the Sidney Street Shakers along with the Thin Dimes and a very special guest from Kansas City, Madisen Ward.

Mint Juleps and featured cocktails will be available at an additional satellite bar in order to keep the cheer flowing.

A limited number of advance $8 tickets(4 per person) are available at the Royale, and there will be allotted tickets available for $10 on the day of the race.

The party starts at 2pm with the music starting at 2:30. Post time at 5:24 and the music will continue until 8:30.

The HAT + STYLE CONTEST is set to start after the winner of the Derby is announced; around 5:30 p.m.


You must SIGN UP if you want to be in the contest. Look for the fancy sign-up sheets, once you arrive Saturday, either out on the patio or indoors in case of rain.

2013 HAT CONTEST CATEGORIES (one per person please):
Churchill Downs– best LADIES hat & ensemble
Triple Crown –best GENTS hat & ensemble
Derby Duo –best stylin’ COUPLES hats & ensemble
Colt and Filly –best GIRL’S and BOY’S ensemble
The Mint Julep–special recognition award for best dressed ROYALE STAFF person!

Retro 101 / Cherry Bomb Vintage
St. Louis Curio Shoppe
Levine Hat Company
The Vintage Haberdashery
Brooks Brothers
-and other great local STL shops!

Employee Spotlight, December: Mike Herr

Employee Spotlight, December: Mike Herr

Due to the demands of the job (say, closing the bar late, then arriving early the next day for set-up work), some Royale employees arrive to the occasional shift in less-than-full-freshness. But the balm that soothes any vexed spirit is a quick conversation with colleague Mike Herr. Even the most-faded flower stands tall after a quick exchange of pleasantries with our favorite Mike. Straddling the line between front- and back-of-house duties with aplomb, Mike’s upbeat nature, ready laugh and ability to make the world’s finest vegan chili are all ingredients to co-workers having a better day. We salute Mike Herr in the month of December, though, as noted below, it’s Mike’s work in November that sealed the deal. (more…)

The Royale: Stan Chisholm-Approved

When one of the best-and-brightest visual artists in the City likes your spot, it’s a plus. (And he’s also a super-well-regarded deejay, did we mention?) Feast Magazine caught up with Stan Chisholm for the Booze Doodles column and here’s what he says about the joint:

Another go-to place is The Royale. It’s damn near in my back yard; I went twice yesterday. The beer’s good, the people are nice, and the walls rotate some quirky St. Louis-relevant art. Just saw a rad print of the Mississippi River system there, stylized to look like a public transit map: fat straight lines and dots. The Royale’s burgers are solid. I get mine with goat cheese, artichoke hearts and roasted red peppers. It comes with lettuce, tomato and onion, too, so when all the toppings drip off onto the plate, it becomes a salad at the end.

You’ll want to read the whole piece, which also throws a nod to our (more-or-less) neighbor, Sandrina’s. You can fully read the piece here.