We’re proud to introduce our debut Employee Spotlight, for November 2012. You might just know him, but… you might not, as he spends his Royale time in the back of the house, as a kitchen associate. So let’s get to know this young man, a junior at SLUH.

Outside of working at The Royale, what does Gabe Newsham like to do?
Practice, whistle, write, read, listen to music.

What’s the favorite song/artist/genre you’ve picked up on in The Royale’s kitchen?
Air, a really cool electronica duo Tilnise played for me once.

How often have you commandeered The Royale’s kitchen sound system and what was played?
Once. Frank Sinatra. It wasn’t my iPod so Rachmaninoff was unavailable… Though Jens Lekman and Sufjan Stevens might’ve been played had I my had own iPod.

What’s it like to be a Royale legacy employee?
Being a legacy employee is nice, but it’s a little awkward when most everyone knows your name from your brother and you can’t remember all of theirs for a month.

Photo by Giuseppe Vitellaro.

What’s the secret to success at an institution as SLUH?
Knowing which teachers won’t check homework. Knowing exactly where the bare minimum stands.
(Editor’s note: we believe this high-achiever is being sarcastic here!)

Who is your favorite co-worker to sass?
Oh, Rachel Meyer. No question. Endlessly fun to sass.